Rep. Andy Biggs: Fight for election integrity - here's how Americans can defeat Democrats' HR1

Democrats hope to create a one-party nation and squelch opposition and dissent
While the Biden administration is as busy as beavers killing American jobs with the Keystone pipeline cancellation and then opening the southern border and allowing thousands to enter our country daily without vetting or COVID testing, the administration and its Democrat congressional allies remain focused on their main objective: nationalization of American elections.

What would you say about the always efficient, always honest, always transparent, always fair, Washington, D.C., establishment taking over your state and local elections, as well as the federal elections? How about a law that prohibits voter identification laws, or gives taxpayer money to politicians?

Democrats in D.C. think that these are swell ideas.

They hope to make America a one-party nation. They want to squelch opposition and dissent. They want to make elections irrelevant. They prefer that all power and control reside in the Democrat party and in Washington, D.C.

The Leftists, who are authoritarians with a DNA that leans toward tyranny, believe that loading up the nation with unskilled workers from underdeveloped nations will provide Democrats with voters.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has introduced legislation that will facilitate the Democrats' objective of preventing Republicans from winning elections.

The first bill Democrats sponsored in 2019, after gaining control of the House of Representatives, was HR 1. This was a bill designed to allow national Democrat politicians to take over elections. Senate Republicans, led by then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., submarined the bill.

The first bill Democrats introduced in 2021 was similar, with the same intent - power and control.

While Congress is doing very little, except trying to remove from office President Trump - after he had already left office - and watching President Biden rule by executive order instead of governing, Democrats are focusing on their capture of the election apparatus.

Besides giving the uni-party in the swamp power, funding politicians with taxpayer dollars, and preventing the use of voter identification laws, Democrats will permit ballot harvesting and mandate nationwide mail-in balloting. Democrats are so enamored of power that they want to legalize cheating in elections.

If that isn't enough for you, they want 16-year-olds to be able to register to vote, as well as felons in prison (don't worry, they want to let all of them out of prison), and illegal aliens. What could possibly go wrong?

While most of the country has some doubt as to the integrity of our elections, the Democrats want to ensure that we never have an honest election again. It is a dubious path on which they wish to embark, and if we do not stop it again, it will become increasingly difficult to depart to a better road that actually restores trust in American elections.

Americans must raise their voices and contact their members of Congress and urge them to defeat HR 1.

They must also urge media outlets to take up the call as well. State legislatures and attorneys general must share their concerns and prepare to litigate the issues that will condemn America to a purgatory of election deceit.

While we watch the Biden administration and its congressional cronies try to reroute our American dream, be vigilant to their underlying goal of maintaining power by the takeover of our elections. Please join me in the fight for election integrity.


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