Official e-newsletters from every member of Congress. In one place. In real time.

Welcome to DCinbox!

Welcome to DCinbox. In 2009 I started this little project as a way to better understand how incumbent members of Congress use tax-payer funded benefits such as franked mail and official e-newsletters. It was my hope to make all the data available to everyone. It's been nearly a 10 year journey!

On these pages you can search for terms that interest you, compare members by party, gender, location, and hone in on specific time periods of interest for your own research. If you find anything useful for your work this database can be cited:

Cormack, L. DCinbox Database, 2018 www.dcinbox.com, Date Accessed:

Every query done on the home page is limited to most recent 100 results to ensure quick returns from the larger database. There are nearly 100,000 unique e-newsletters in this database, and it grows by about 30 messages each day!

The visualization page is still in development. Any ideas you or researchers you know have about how we could make the most useful visualizations are welcome and can be sent directly to me at lcormack[at]stevens.edu.

Advanced users may have a lot of fun, although with a bit of a learning curve, poking through the whole database which I've housed in Kibana. Like anything there are particularities but if you come from academia I trust you can navigate Kibana with a day or two of messing around. After all, you spent months if not years learning LaTex, R, STATA, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS, and so on :). If you're from other industries you may already be familiar with Kibana. If neither of those describe you a quick google search for whatever you'd like to do + "kibana" will point you in the right direction.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions you have. And if you'd ever like to offer a guest blog post on your own political communications research just let me know and we can get something cooking!