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CSV versions of full entire Congresses

3/4/2020 With a set of efforts from the Stevens Institute of Technology DCinbox team and Runxin Gao at the University of Wisconsin-Madison we have full sets of official e-newsletters available for download. Interested researchers can email me at lco... Read More

"Energy Independence" - and example in rhetorical party swapping

Lots of terms are "owned" by members of the Republican or Democratic Party in Congress. On immigration, Republicans are far more likely to describe people as "illegal immigrants" and Democrats more often use the term "undocumented workers". In energ... Read More

Welcome to DCinbox!

Welcome to DCinbox. In 2009 I started this little project as a way to better understand how incumbent members of Congress use tax-payer funded benefits such as franked mail and official e-newsletters. It was my hope to make all the data available to... Read More